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07 November 2012

Legal win for the Ngarla people

YMAC is very pleased by a Federal Court decision earlier this week stating that the BHP Mt. Goldsworthy mining leases do not permanently extinguish the Ngarla people's native title.

Click here to listen to an interview with YMAC CEO Simon Hawkins about the decision on ABC Radio Australia.

Click to read more about the decision on ABC News.


  1. The majority going against DeRose No 2, exclusive possession not equalling extinguishment, this opens up Ward and may go some way to clarify the inconstency tests. Wonder if will go to HCA.
    Just a beginner myself, on my reading the Agreement in question presented a more robust hurdle by its detail than a standard mining grant/title?
    Does the right of renewal in the Agreement deny native title holders right to negotiate if the JV seeks renewal?